makes us tick.




Where we’re going has a lot to do with where we’ve been. Our approach to loyalty has grown from over 120 years of helping inspire people to realize their full potential. As early as 1929, we were encouraging companies to acknowledge their loyal employees and the Maritz gold watch became an iconic reward for service. Loyalty defines us as a company, in our long-term aspirations for making the world a more loyal place, and in our company culture where loyalty to our clients is demonstrated by our commitment, dedication and enthusiastic advocacy for their brands. You could say loyalty is in our DNA.

  • “The Usual”

    A hundred years ago, it was way simpler to know your customers, because you knew them, personally. When a customer came into a barbershop for “the usual”, the barber could greet them by name, know what they wanted, thank them for a referral and remember to ask how Billy was getting along in college. It was a simpler world. Business was smaller. Competitors were fewer. Technology was pretty well non-existent. Although businesses today are vastly bigger, we believe there are elements of the past we need to retain in our customer relationships – things like sincerity, integrity and standing behind promises. We’re proud to say that SYNAPZE, our loyalty and engagement engine, gives us the best of both worlds, allowing us to scale a personal experience to tens of millions of customers. This lets you make real connections and build real relationships, just like in the good old days.

  • Loyalty is in our DNA

    Back in 1929, James A. Maritz was first to pioneer the idea of rewarding an employee’s loyalty with the gift of a gold watch. Since that time, we’ve combined an exceptional understanding of human behavior with strategies and expertise that continue to recognize and inspire greatness in individuals. It all started in 1894 when Edward Maritz formed the E. Maritz Jewelry Manufacturing Company. He sold jewelry, silverware and engraved watches to consumers, until the Great Depression prompted him to turn his focus to the corporate world. He began offering companies a catalogue of wholesale watches and jewelry they could use to recognize employees for their service and loyalty, and reward their hard-working sales people.

    Maritz grew from this seed of incentives and, over the years, expanded to include businesses that could further motivate people to realize their best performance. This was the dawn of the science and art of people and potential, combining strategy, process and expertise to inspire greatness in individuals. And 25 years ago, we started offering loyalty marketing to clients worldwide.

  • Meet our People

    Loyalty is built on trust – a promise made is a promise kept. We pledge to make good on ours, to help you live up to yours with your customers. Let us introduce you to our core team of marketers who bring their creativity, wisdom and industry experience to build solutions that will drive business results for you. Meet our people.